Thursday, July 10, 2008

p105 - Pay for your Acedemic Transcript today

Prospective employers and other institutions may require students to provide a more detailed confirmation of their award than their degree parchment. In this case the student should apply to Registry for an Academic Transcript Request Form.

More info from here.

Thanks khaiyong, for the info. :)

What is it all about? They are our OFFICIAL results!! But i guess it is an optional choice to get them or not now.

You need to fill in a grey color form (Academic Transcript Request Form)at the Registry, pay 10 pounds at the Cashier and submit your form at the Registry. IT WILL TAKE UP TO 10 DAYS TO PROCESS!!!!! (according to the staff)

updated : ky got his in one day!!

Delay no more peeps, it will take you another EXTRA 15 pounds (or more) to deliver them back to Malaysia!!


di said...

what the hell! 25pds for a piece of lousy paper??? shit do we need it ah? interview time need to show right>?

ti3nD said...

hmm i hav no idea what they are. but the staff said they are our ORIGINAL results worh. and there is a sample at the website. it is like a statement from the uni that you have achieve your mpharm...

will ask seniors about it also.

ti3nD said...

think most of you wont be able to collect them in person. mayb ask someone else collect on behalf of you then, and get them back when u guys are back to msia later on. instead of paying another 15pounds!

ti3nD said...

seniors said, you buy lorh, can earn back in a few hours next time mah.

khaiyong said...

I got mine in one day! :)

ti3nD said...

haha ky. glad to hear that then. that young lady told me need to wait up to 10days -_-"

D. Maie said...

what in the world? i was wondering when they would give us the final year exam results transcript.

now only i see this post but im already back home. sigh.

ti3nD said...

haha dap! Hmmm, according to some seniors, we dont really need it for interview. but no guarantee in the later stage.

i think there is stil way to get them if you want it. try email and enquire, or i can help you and see.