Friday, June 20, 2008

The perfect bedroom

Im no longer staying in an individual's room. I lost the freedom to do whatever i wish to do in my very own room. Now, because i am sharing room, i no longer have the freedom. There are so many rules to be obeyed. True enough, some good things like be clean before you step up to the bed is a good practice. But still, men are men, we like to do things in our own way too. However, i have learnt that to respect each other is the most important thing to develop and things can be settled down through the process of compromisation.

Okay, so lets go back to the topic - The perfect bedroom.

You are clear enough that life has got to move on sooner or later. One day, you will have to share your room with your loved one, and later on, your family.

So, how would you like it to be?

Everyone is dreaming about having a beautiful bedroom design. Come on, when you realise that you are going to spend part of your life in the bedroom, you would definitely want to have a set of beautifully designed bedroom furniture to ensure pleasurable experience in your own room. You want a spacious room, with big king size bed, a hyper big wardrobe, a sofa to relax, television cabinet sets, mirror sets, draws, double hanging and many more. Blenheim offers fitted bedroom furniture and bedroom design ideas.


CK said...

Wah... i also want such a bed room, but selfish a bit, only for myself! LOL!

I am planning to design my own house, if i have the $$$ & time in the world.

Chao! Off to holiday!

ti3nD said...

haha. yeah. i want to design it too!

happy hols then :P take care.