Friday, June 20, 2008

Wordpress templates

Free wordpress templates are up to grab if you are using wordpress to blog. You will be guided on changing the template of your blog, and if you want to be safe, be sure to save your old template before you make any change!

Are you jealous of some of your friend's blog template? There are plenty of ways where you could grab free templates from online webpages.

At topwpthemes, you can find many unique templates, ranging from variety of themes included shopping manual, modern marvels, habitat for humanity, depression, shopaholic, music explorer, party monster and many more.

Installation is pretty simple. First thing first, you can download the template that you like for free. Next, you can follow the step-by-step installation guidance and give your blog template a complete change over.

Make your blog looks professional, give it a change today!


Susan S. said...

I would also check out a new site called New Wordpress Themes dot net.

ti3nD said...

alrite! thks for the info!