Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Domain name scorecard

Nowadays, online business is working very well and there are many successful businessman making a good profit by making online business. The trick is that if you know the right solution, you can maximise the profit that you can get.

First thing first, domain name is the most basic thing that you need to be careful with. As many have said, your domain name is your image to the world. What makes Ebay being called Ebay, Amazon being called Amazon and Youtube being called Youtube? The domain name does not reflect the type of business that you are doing by it has great influence on your business. Thus, it is important to start with an unique, easy-to-remember domain names.

After you have your domain name ready, it is important to check the score for your domain. You can use the service from domain name scorecard to check your score. It is fairy simple to find out the score, all you have to is to enter your domain name and answer a few questions regarding your web page. If you are not happy with your current domain, you can always purchase a new domain.

The last thing to do is to promote your web page. Spread the good news and target the audience to your web page.

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