Thursday, May 08, 2008

Dont simply throw stone

I took some pictures regarding the incident of 'idiot throwing stone' a few days ago.

That wasnt him. That time all of us were watching football highlights in the living room until we heard a loud 'ping-piang' voice to realise that someone purposely threw a stone at our windows. Then Jian and i went back to check our room. Everything was okay. Later, we realised that the windows in the living room were actually cracked so badly.

I know it is very HOT out there these days.

But you dont have to be HOT-tempered to throw a stone at us to disturb our peaceful life here in glasgow.

Just yesterday, we realised that part of my windows were hit by stone too. We suspected that it was the same person who did that.

my windows vs normal windows

If you throw a stone like this the next time, we would surely surrender okay?

If not, you better back off.

If anyone of us here has nothing better to do than to hold a sniper in hand for all night, then you are really in deep shit!

Stop throwing stone please.


yi shan said...

ur window so kesian... maybe u shud put down ur blind all the time to stop seeing the cracked window :p
n those ppl who threw the stone r so stupid la...

ti3nD said...

erm my windows stil alright, it is another small windows below my windows, if you look from outside den only u can see lorh.

n the one in living room will crack anytime dy, luckily got 2 layers one, now it is the outside one kena damaged dy.