Friday, May 09, 2008

End of exams?


It is like the end of the world. DENG.

CPP is just damn freaking tough. All i can say is that there was significant difference between a biopharm classtest with a cpp final. You dont see a SINGLE smile from ANYONE after the cpp exam.

HOw to pass cpp? and what was actually so wrong with the paper?
i was trying to take a nap just now, owing to the lack of sleep last night, but i failed.
i thought i would at least show my disappointment/anger/sadness here, but i didnt.
After all, we cant give up at any point, 4 more papers to go. Gambateh.


Lim Wei Meng said...

CCB punya paper..deng!!!

ti3nD said...

bor bian. deng punya lecturer who set the paper also.

hope we can pass larh. -_-"