Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Photo shoot @ eastern treats

Proudly present to you once again - Eastern treats @ buchanan gallery

Itu dia - the place where 5 of my friends and i are/were working with since 5months ago. We work there during weekend nia larh (oh no, mum is going to scold me again if she finds out i work everyweek! haha.)

Nolarh. Work very little dy larh. Where got time ohh? Research project 90% gg. happie happie. Quite alot more to edit. Gambateh everyone!!

ok back to Eastern treats, so the 6 of us (kim, wenjiun, darren, hsheong, n i) purposely went back to ET for a photo session - cos that day was darren's last day working there. Kah yie gg-ied few weeks ago. So now left the 4 of us working for them.

We used to tapao alot of food from there without PAISEH. Cos dont tapao also throw away one larh, bring back YIK hsemates better larh.

Curry chicken + sweet & sour chicken

PRAWNS.. OwwwwwWww..

Spring rolls - YAKSSS dont order!!! chicken satay and mini drumsticks

Finally, some photos taken to show how 'BIG family run BIG business' at ang moh shopping mall.

The whole business is divided into 3 department, namely preps, cook and till.

We have a rather small kitchen for preparation, just enough to fit 2 person, no more than that. The prep teams will normally chop chicken into pieces, chop beef, defrost prawns, cut garlic, cut peppers, cook rice. (thank god no need to cut ONIONS!! we get them ready from burger king! haha)

Next, its our main kitchen for cooking. Anyone of us can be standing right there to cook for 100 over of customers in a day.

Since this it was a good chance to take picture, i took it and pattern abit nia larh :P

And the last and easiest work to do, the till --> serve customers and but make sure you collect the right amount each day, if not you will be be gg-ied!

And finally, a happie family working @ Eastern Treats. We missed to take pics with our super nice supervisor - Allen. He quitted due to some problems with his visa. Just wish to see him again, and of cause, would be 100 times glad under his supervision again.

Very nice banner hor? Come find us during the weekend, and i will sure give you guys a portion that is BIG enough for such an expensive meal! haha.

Random - It has been a long time since we have burfday celebration. Erm, the last one was smiin 24th burfday on 6th feb rite? I still not yet update on that lerh. LOLZ. I like the post on darren's and kah yee's burfdays alot. Some apple gossips there.

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