Saturday, May 03, 2008

Getting more panic?

Updated Sunday 4th may - Last night, one idiot was trying to break the windows in our living room. He threw a stone so hard that it cracked our windows. And the 3 idiots who made noise during the previous night came back last night at 1am and made the same noise. Though im not sure whether they are the same idiots or not.

The first day of final exam is another 3 days away. And i took a 11 hours plus nap last night. OMG. @___@ I was awaken by those stupid ang mohs at about 2.30am. What were they doing down there making all those noise??? @_@ But i stil managed to have my good night sleep till 9am this morning. lolz. :)

Updated : A forwarded msg from Anson stated that there were many attacks near the hall area recently - someone was stabbed and another one from birkberk was attacked last night near catedral street. As a result, library was closed today for investigation.

On a random note, housemates and i received this yesterday.

Ah moi : Eh you wake up dy arh?

Me : yeah.

Ah moi : your house got pots anot?

Me : Huh? yeah. (duh, of coz got larh) How many do you need?

Ah moi : You bring one medium pot up can ar?

Me : Huh? (what for?) @@ now arh?

Ah moi : yeah. got things for you guys.

Me : Ohhh ok. Nuo mi chicken arh?

Ah moi : No chicken.

Me : Dragon lorh then. no, i mean they are for dragon. (Big Lolz...)

Thank you to the 2 ah mois for the herbal eggs (eggs are from chicken larh!)

On another random note, i received some cards from my soh poh!

A simple burfday card for my coming 22nd burfday -

And a 'good luck' card for my final exams :

thanks lou poh!

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