Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The final battle begins

Whoooa - The 4 weeks of study break is calling an end after tonight and First paper of final exam officially begins tomorrow at 2pm.

First paper to go - Drug Delivery System, 20 Credits

Dr van der walle has drived us crazy with his complicated slides. I read again and again (twice only larh though) also dont understand erh! '读来读去都不明白的,鼎' @_@

Although professor Wilson has put in too many rubbish in his slides, there are still some really interesting facts to remember, plus some silly diagrams/illustrations to make sure you go - lolz. He hinted us that he will examine the mcqs from his slide erh, serious?

Gambateh bah people! good luck p105-iers!

Counting down to the last day of exam : 15 more nights to go

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