Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pan mee from mr and mrs Lau

So, after the 5 on 5 basketball session yesterday, i had this super-jeng-pan mee from mr and mrs Lau. They claimed that it was their first time making pan mee, after recording down the recipe from mrs lau's granny.

The pan mee is so jeng okay, the soup base very delicious, the minced pork and mushrooms very delicious also, thus my rating = 9.5/10!!!!

Arigato mr and mrs Lau. :)

I received some souvenirs from friends coming back
from Amsterdam and Belgium.

A simple and nice one from Amsterdam. Arigato uncle lim, smiin and jian! :)

And here is some chocolates from Belgium for hsemates and i.

Arigato huu-huuu-huuuu-huuuuuu ejie,! :)


cYbeR FiSh™ said...

they claimed that this is the brand chou yun fatt ate when he was in the remember yea,do dropby tiger-tiger after u eat it XDXD

ti3nD said...

erh... i ate dy lerh... n we played 'bridge' dont rmb who ada 'ong' dy.. hahaha!

wait kim they all back mayb they bought us this choco also.. den baru go GALA larh, why tiger? :P