Thursday, April 10, 2008

Car renting

Spring holidays is here and almost everyone is planning a trip to somewhere in the united kingdom.

Have you ever dreamed of going to Israel with your loved one? It is a world class destination with attractions that varied from traditional to modern. It has several famous museums that are unique compared to elsewhere in the world. It is also famous for hiking around various landscape of Israel while Tel Aviv has great windsurfing and sailing facilities.

But what is the best way to go tour around in Israel? How about israel car renting? You can rent a low price car from large variety of models. You can hire a car via 16 branches in Israel including Tel Aviv, Jeruselam, Eilat and many more. You can even reserve your car online with no credit card requirement and no cancellation fee!

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Barrett said...

Wow.....great features. Too used to rent cars while travelings through Enterprise Rent-A-Car on easy terms.