Thursday, April 10, 2008

Garden building

After you have your own house later in your life, do you look for something extra beyond that? Have you ever dreamed about having a swimming pool right outside your house? Have you ever thought of building a small, nice place just to chill outside your house?

Garden buildings are your solution.

They offer variety of garden gyms and physical fitness rooms with high quality and unique style.

You can specify your own designs and dimensions, or you can take a look at the pre-designed garden buildings. They come with various sizes, such as 9.6, 10.2, 12, 13.8 or 17.4 square metres. If you are not happy with the dimensions, you can always design your own dreamed garden house.

How about building a small gym with lots of work out facilities, including a small swimming pool near your house? You can work out whenever you feel so, and it is totally user friendly and easy to maintain. All you need is a flat surface. By having a separate gym from your house, you can have a very private session yourself or have some fun with your loved ones. You can even have a bathroom or sauna room included. Other services that you will get are connection of electricity supply/phone cabling, interner painted plaster finish, external clad with beautiful western red chedar and many more.

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