Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Morning without electricity

I felt rather weird when i first stepped out of my room this morning, opps wait, this noon at 12 o'clock - all dark lerh in the walkway, toilet and shower room all dark too, merely get some light from the windows in the kitchen.

So, hs and i decided to go out for grocery shopping after having some biscuit/bread for light breakfast. Then, we decided to try Greggs, since we always, always see a super-duper-long queue, especially during the lunch time.

Taddaaa.. i tried the new mexican chicken with cheese pie, 1.09 pound.

They are super JENG okay, go try it!!!!!!!

When we came back from Tesco at 2.30pm, the electricity was back dy. Woww so good, 1 and half hour earlier than the predicted one. Here in glasgow, everything is so systematic, we were well informed about the electricity cut several months ago erh!

On the other hand, we have some good time abusing our night time to play DOTA last night till almost 4am. @_@ Kim and darren who came back from amsterdam and brussels bought us some chocolates. The chocolates are so lovely too!

Arigato! :)

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Angelina said...

Nice... Keep on doing like hat. Check my place... Kisses...