Monday, March 10, 2008

dedicated to my all dota kakis

DOTA, short name for Defense of the Ancients, is something that we are not to miss each night here in glagow after exam, after report, after classtest... and more..... it brings the 10 of us closer together and play games together in the living hall...

We are now in the final week of sem8 already, left with one workshop with simon, one single class with cristine dufes, one stupid IPL class, 2 reports, one final year research project - that is it! den final exams ----> G.G

Dota opening song dedicated to all DOTA lovers...

another one...

And so you think goblin techie is the noobest hero of all?

We even play dota on the night when jbc was broke in for the 1st time!!

Happie dota-ing my hsemates :)

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