Tuesday, April 08, 2008

DULAN with the customers

Dulan = pissed off

I was working with eastern treats on saturday and some customers really pissed me off. They are not just here to get food from eastern treats, but they complained about this and that, give me that type of dulan face, which eventually makes me sibeh dulan.

Sibeh DULAN = super pissed off

That isnt just the ordinary one case, but 3 cases in one day.

One customer was beh shiok with the 5pounds meal deal. She thinks that the price is just way too high of what she expected. She praised me initially (ohhh that is brilliant!) but gave me the unbelieveable-shocking face when i requested 5 pounds from her.


The other lady was nice to me intially too. She requested for sweet and sour chicken with fried rice. Everything went well until i added an extra scoop of sweet and sour sauce for her. She gave me the dulan face as she spotted the sauce was harden and became like too thick, so she walked away just like that after saying "Ewwww.. i dont want that anymore!" though i explained to her and offered her a new one.


And the final one - it was a couples in their fourties. Another colleague served them initially and i took over the service half way when she left. I charged him 13.60 pounds instead of the 10 pounds that he expected. I slowly explained to him and he ended up saying that he sees the differences now, and alleged that i cheated his money. -___________-"

wtf oohhh? i feel like giving them a super dulan face in return at that moment

_1_ --____--" _1_

i worked very happily in eastern treats since last november till now and i always try my best to give the customers the best services. I have carried my responsibility to serve you with my best, dont give me the dulan face larh, im not the boss behind it who earns your $$ larh pls. -____-"

On the other hand, i rejected a high-paid + long duration job as chef assistants for Ayr race course this thurs, fri and sat from blue arrow.

My first job in glasgow for Blue arrow as a kp for hamilton was a very tough job.

While my last job with them on 31st december was the best job and the most money that i have made in one night ever.

28 more days left to finals...

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