Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Custom photo card

What would you do if you have 100 photo card for the same occasion and yet you are unable to deliver all of them to your friends and family? Lets look at the most recent occasion - easter day. If you have 100 of those easter cards with you, would you send them out to anyone or you will be a little creative and use them for any other things? Creativity is the key here.

Why not try to manipulate them by doing Custom Photo Cards? It is really simple because you can basically write anything in front and inside of the card. You can still have the image of easter bunny on an easter celebration card, but you just alter the text in it. An example would be sending out a wedding invitation card with you and your dreamgirl initially, and then you reveal that it was just for fun, since it is just for the fun for April fool.

Wouldnt that be very fun? Another possible solution would be writing something general in a nice photo card. It can be an image of anything general, such as a famous football player, a famous themepark, an adorable dog or just a scenic background. Then you can have this card for any ocassions which include greetings, as a sign of appreciation, friendships or business.

It can even be on a thanksgiving card as shown below.

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