Thursday, April 03, 2008

Computer lessons

My friend, how many hours do you spend looking at your computer screen daily?

I faced the computer for at least 12 hours daily since the beginning of cpp essay in early march. OMG. It has been a month for everybody here to face the same problem - reading TONS of JOURNALS online. Uncountable, full stop.

It is really tiring and sickening for sitting infront of the comp, searching for info and then analysing them, try to understand them, and writing in your own words out of it. Days after days, we are still there for the LAST final year project.

The dateline is on friday, how many of you still struggling in doing discussion part of final year project?

It is definitely true that we feel so sick with projects, and we feel really tired...

Some people might just give up easily without trying their best...

some of us pray infront of the computer for it to run the job by it owns...

AND some even try to manipulate the computer to do research project manually...

Which one of the solution is working for you?

One more final day, and friday shall be a great day that i am looking to.

Face it! Let it gg bah, gambateh everyone!

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