Sunday, March 30, 2008

Recycled plastic material

Are you aware of the fact of most plastic products can be recycled? Are you aware that eight out of 10 plastic water bottles eventually become landfill waste? Are you aware that it takes 700 years for plastic bottles to start decompose on the earth?

High Density Polyethylenes (HDPE) are the one which can be recycled. They are used in packaging of many products, such as water bottles as mentioned, snack food packages, groccery bags, non-carbonated drink, detergents and many more.

The recycled plastic comes in a bulk of scrap called HDPE Pellets. They are formed from HDPE regrind. Next, the can be sold directly, and undergo extrusion process, where HDPE pellets are being further compressed and filtered.

Love our earth resources and help to preserve our lovely environment by plastic recycling today!

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