Friday, March 28, 2008

i have no more energy

I will not write a proper blog because i can barely type here. Imagine typing only with ring fingers, small fingers and thumbs, clicking mouse with your thumbs.

Three days ago i experienced unexplainable pain from my left wrist. i took 3 panadols per day and the pain finally subsided. Last night, my index and middle fingers of both hands sore with no reason. I couldnt think of any reason to explain all these.

Cant exactly see the swelling of my fingers but i ended up wrapping them up to minimize their movement.

Can you see it?


yieng said...

apa pasal?

Julian said...

Go to the doctor la, on Great Western Road I suppose :) Maybe it's RSI?
I noticed you're in Glasgow Uni? I went there too :)

ti3nD said...

no bother.

recover dy. fully :P thks yieng n julian.

nope. im from strathlyde uni, n where about u?

Julian said...

I'm in Malaysia, but did my first degree in Glasgow. Hope you're enjoying Glasgow as much as I did :)

ti3nD said...

haha icic. yeah i noe u are in msia, visited ur blog. :P

thks will do. though now super stress with final months!! haha.