Friday, January 04, 2008

ice skating@ george square!!

The very first time i went skating was back to may in malaysia. AND the second time i went skating was yesterday, @ george square. Ready and managed to pick up the skill again in a short time but i am just a noob in it. One hour is short, but we do have a good time.

~ getting rdy to step into the ice rink... ~
~ hs at the back taking care of all first timers... ~

~ The biggest size of boots are in blue ;p ~

~ the only gp pic of the day but it was blur!!! ISH! ~

~ lighting up @george square ~

5pounds per entry compared to rm11 back in msia when i go skating during school holidays off peak period. It was a good experience and fun skating in winter!! ;)

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Btw, GLASGOW IS SNOWING TODAY!!! but i missed it since i was working in buchanan gallery. Tonight it will snow again, hsemates said so. Hope it snows again tmr. bah..... ;)

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