Saturday, March 22, 2008

Am i Not Fit?

Marcus sent me an email regarding my bleep test results 3days ago.

"Congratulations!Here are the Results of your ‘Multistage Fitness Test’ Score
(Level) = 10.5
Vo2 Max = 48.3"

It was just a little bit lower that the first time i did in november last year.

This time, i would not go like the first time "what the heck, what is Vo2 Max=48.3, good or bad arh?"

Vo2 Max is the maximal capacity of an individual's body to take up and utilize oxygen during excessive exercise. The main purpose for bleep test is to measure one's Vo2 Max. In short, it is a test to measure one's fitness.

Again, i looked at the same chart to explain my fitness level as before..

Looking at the table, my result was found in the excellent column again for this time. Wahahhahahaha. The one hour of futsal session is just not enough to kill me! :P

However, what i achieved right now is just not enough. I dont feel that im fit at all. I got tired of running during futsal session way before ky and uncle lim. My baby is still there. I need to work harder to get rid of it before summer!!!!

I love running. Back in malaysia, my family and i, or with my IMU running kakis, we always go for running events.

You can see how much we love our country lorh.


So, Are you FOR or AGAINST abortion
of my baby (2months old fat tummy)?


Anonymous said...

See here or here

Anonymous said...

i'm against abortion and u know it.

Seek Health. Feel Great said...

Congrat.. And Thanks for sharing

Sam said...

ahhh...min tien. i hate running. but have since gotten much better since last time.

ti3nD said...

haha sam. you will never know, mayb later on you will like jogging like me also. :)