Friday, December 14, 2007

the truth revealed....

This morning workshop damn 'yeng', this nial wheate started the workshop 10mins late, and with the help of anne boyter n susan pyne (if im not wrong), who helps to distribute the papers, managed to end it sharp at 10am just nice. He said clearly that " Please pay attention to this workshop, do every questions because i will take the questions from here to set your paper. " HmmmMmmmmm...this actually got us very excited, and we really 'bersemangat' to try our best to answer each question, looked into bnf, discuss together and all. And before he ended his session, he said that he will post the model answer for us on SPIDER. Serious????

If we get a model answer from you guys for cpp journal interpratation each time then we will be really happy lorh @.@

Next, some of us had pp3 resit feedback from 11am -1pm. The truth finally revealed here, today. 70% from degree paper, n 30% from course work (pp3 classtest 2 10% and video exam 10% n the 10% from pp2), its rather confusing although it is memang stated in the course notes to be like that, but we were told by seniors that the courseworks wouldnt be taken into account, though im still doubting what she said larh. (i mean j.johnson) So i failed. together with 26 other unlucky ones. -130 for 2 major mistakes n 2x -5marks. ok i admit that i memang fail, but i made my mistakes during the final step (distribute a brand name product wrongly and key in label wrongly, mm dai larh! bah.... erm, some kena minus 45 nia, but still failed becos of weak coursework (this is what j.j said), if you put your label 'tersenget', you get -5 also LOLZ, on one case, if you give underdose, you are wrong, but if you give overdose (42.5mg for children, calculated dose = 40mg), you are correct, but when you question about 'why can we give overdose to children? then she said ' ohhh, then i might have marked your paper wrongly.... -_-" full stop. well, quite disappointed at first, but im kinda happy to know my mistakes and got back my protocol. huuray! will pray hard and hope that all of us get over this in coming resit in jan.

'Rookie Ryan grabs a silver' - this was on the star newspapers today under sports. Ryan managed to grab a silver medal in taekwondo in sea games yesterday. Congratulations!! while majid and hon wai kena tapao-ed in the first round. updated - khai meng won bronze!! congratulations also!!

tomorrow 3hrs IPL is really a bad time larh. deng!

study......bah! gambateh!

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