Thursday, December 13, 2007


The weather from ge-la-si-ge (glasgow)..

In order to avoid plagiarism, i need to code the pics taken lorh.

~1.30pm from csc ~
~ 3.30pm from csc ~
~ 4.45pm from csc ~
~ 12.30 from ME... ~
~ 12.30am from me ~

winter has began since dec. sunrise as late as 8.40am and sun rise as early as 3.45pm. Take a look at the one taken at 4.45pm, its already comparable to 10pm in malaysia. And as what seniors told us early on, you can experience all 4 seasons in one day, here in glasgow. True enough i supposed. We still see sunlight at freaking 2degrees celcius, then suddenly it starts to rain, then sleets falling down, and finally snow will come one day, hopefully.

Everyone is stress-ing due to LABs (9hrs one day) plus the classtest on next monday. IPL this friday, what a good time?! -_-" Did i just mention class test? yeah. but everyone clearly know how important this exam is. That calls an early chrismas + new year break for us after the exam on next monday. fai fai let me do all past years and sit for the exam den that is it! ;p

something to do when u are cooking lemon chicken.... ;p

something not to do when u wan her to say 'i do'....

gambateh ppl!

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