Saturday, December 15, 2007

ALDI - full of cheap stuffs!!!


Of course you shall noticed the BIGGEST number there - 0.49 for 2.5kg of potatoes lerh, u tell me where to get larh besides ALDI. Notice the 0.20 on the bottom right? its 1kg of carrots. 0.35 for baked beans with sausages, convenient plus affordable dinner or bfast combo lorh.

Its really a good thing for us to hav ALDI. nonid to suffer from walking and carrying heavy groceries during winter. Its only 2-3 mins walk. :P

After duno-how-many-months of not cooking bak kut teh from my house (i ate with wmeng they all 3wks ago), i cooked chick kut teh for my hsemates today. With the lazyness overwhelming in me, i just threw all the vege in, save all the job of cooking vege. fantastically nice! lolz.

This news hasnt been confirmed. ----- > jpas students had a meeting in imu today. they were told that goverment service for the normal students will be 2 + 3 yrs instead of 1 + 3yrs!!!! WTF!!!! -___- " while jpas still serving 6yrs. i have tried to search on thestar online but failed. can anyone confirm it????

The final battle against Pulsincap by scherer, PORT by crison, Chronset by duno who liao.

See, We are almost there!! kah yao bah. 2more nights to suffer! gambateh!!


Khai Yong said...

chronset by wong


all the best man! after exam dota =P

suechoo said...

eh? 2+3? i tot only increase the service duration for medic student, pharmacy gt meh? oo~~~~

yieng said...

aiya..1+3 or 2+3 oso nvm's good for huiyin

yieng said...

and the stuffs in ALDi, very the cheap la...
good good!

ti3nD said...

its good for hy????? apa tu lu cakap????

and ALDI is really close to where we live ;)