Sunday, December 30, 2007

London trip cont...

Part 2

There we go - to LONDON. Cab is freaking ex. We have to take cab to preswick airport before heading to london because the first train/first bus to airport is at 9am, while our flight is at 9.30am (45mins journey from glasgow to airport). So we terpaksa take 3cabs to fit 13ppl, pay min 13pounds each of us, DAMN SIONG!

When we want to check in, fire alarm rang and everybody needed to wait outside an empty area 200m away for at least 10mins. Sui rite?

Anyway, nothing went wrong and so we continued our first day tour. After checked in, we headed to madame tussauds. 12pounds being ISIC holders, spent almost 3hrs inside, worth to see so many celebrities in wax!! must go! Dinner at chinatown was awesome. So long never eat a good chinese meal dy (this one is REAL CHEF cook wan arh!). By the way, we had almost every single meal there. lolz.

Day 1 - Madame Tussauds & Tower Bridge + Chinatown

Ban YENG ...

Nothing but Just SS...

So sweet...

AND So Cute...

BUT We just dont like them -_-"

Next, we headed to tower bridge after dinner @ four season. But we missed to snap some good pics because the gate was closed when we reached there at 9something. And the blue lights of the bridge werent turned on as well. DENG!

~ Pics were blurred as we took them from very far ~

And this is what we missed to see!!!! ISHHH!!! Tower bridge lights up in blue!!!

~ pic taken by vyeaw during his visit to london~

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