Saturday, December 29, 2007

London trip - 23d - 26th dec

Part 1

The 13 of us headed to london, with the hope of experiencing chrismas countdown, chirsmas dinner and boxing day. In the end, we only managed to experienced the latter one. We skipped chrismas countdown n chrismas dinner was merely a pathetic one. lolz.

Where we stay :

Hostel 639 @ kensal green..
Rate : 4/10

Dont choose hostel 639. Although it is cheap, 8pounds per night (with breakfast provided) plus just opposite kensal green station (13mins train to the central), but it is located right infront of a graveyard plus staying in a super crowded doom with 6beds and a shower room. And the beds are in bad conditions. I finally requested a new bed after 2nights of suffering and they are kind enough to change me a new one.

Where we eat :

Chinatown is a must go place for you to have some great food when you are in oversea.

1) Dai Ka Lok >>>> becomes Dai Ka LAU (everybody get angry)

Rate : 3/10

Service sucks. Food sucks too. Price so so. Blacklisted. RMB - Dont go!!!!

2) Laughing Buddha

I was attracted by this guy promoting this restaurant at the T-junction. So i take a closer look at the menu then.

Over 70 dishes all selling at a same rate - 3.50 pounds.

~ sam siu fan - 3mixed rice ~

~ Seafood fried noodles - with squids, prawns, slices of fish and a fried egg. ~

Rate : 7/10

Super budgetable. Lots of variety. Service so so. Food not bad.

3) Loon Tao

Rate : 7.5/10

Food are nice. Service okay. FREE chinese tea. Price slightly ex than the previous two. Give it a try.

I always save the best for the last.

4) Four Seasons

Rate : 8/10

Food very da nice. Lots of people, need to wait long queue at times. Service okay. Price most ex. Must try!!!

5) Microwave food

On chrismas day, all restaurants were closed and we cant find transport to get to the city. So we bought some microwave food from a nearby grocery shop and forced ourselves into a very da small kitchen for our dinner.

6) When we first arrived JBC after london trip...

Adam managed to pursue almost everybody to buy kebab from a nearby shop. LOLZ.

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~ming~ said...

haha i stayed at hostel 639 the last time i went london too! it was weird having the shower in the same room right? also, my snickers kena makan by rats when i left it on the floor! and yea, the graveyard was freaky, esp when needed to go toilet at night!

but i paid 4.50 pds/night though :P