Sunday, December 16, 2007

one more day to go...

a short revision as a blog entry :

Names seemed to be important again this time. Back to secondary life, we tried hard to remember so many sejarah-ish names in history subject. And this time, you need to know every single mechanism for each individual pellet/capsule/table plus the group of ppl discover it. @___@

Here i go :

Pellets :
1) Pellets showing increasing permeability - sigmoidal release - Steven et al.
2) Pellets that rupture - TES - Ueda et al.
3) Pulsatile pellet system - Chen et al.

Capsules :
1) Pulsatile hydrogel plug - Rashid
2) Pulsincap - hydrogel plug - Mc Neil et al. Scherer LTD
3) Intelligent capsules - erodible plug - Steven and Ross et al. Strath Uni
4) PORT - wax plug - osmotic components - Crison et al.
5) Chronset - osmotic components under cap - Wong et al. ALZA
6) Pressure-controlled system - thin wall - microspores - Niwa et al.

Tablets :
- NaCl - Magruder et al.
- hydrophilic barrier layer - Ayer et al.
2) Covera-HS - Gupta et al.
3) Time Clock - zambon - erodible - Pozzi et al.
4) University of Pavia
- erodible (no effect on drug release profiles) - conte et al.
- gellable (big effect) - conte et al.
5) Bursting tablet
- semi permeable coating - Held et al.
- poorly permeable wax coating - Ishino et al.

Do correct me if i am wrong at any one point.

SORRY LARH. i cant think of any other things to write besides on DDS larh. Its tooo important. we know that!!!

another 15 hrs to suffer before the test after deducting 14 hours for sleeping for today and tomorrow.

NO GIVING UP. Gambateh....bah....

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