Sunday, June 24, 2007

weekend is ending in another 24hours...

23 June, Sat

It is a weekend. WOOOHOOOOO! Finally we can rest. The third weekend here in scotland dy. Just had a very contented dinner. We had lemon chicken, eggs with onion n chiken,baked bean and mashed potatoes just now. Umm, today's lunch wasnt that perfect, as our supposed to be kuay teow went wrong n it turned to be something like fried rice! lolz.. Oh ya, we cooked bak kut teh n we did group study for pp3 last night. No one is complaining about preparing dinner or lunch because we do save alot of money by cooking. ;)

bak kut teh

guess wat is this lorh..everyone say it is fried rice...????

our dinner

Umm..we celebrated jian's 22nd birthday in an irish bar nearby on costed me 4.50pounds for the dinner! ouch! i ordered a stew crock pot, lamb plus barley plus vege with bread, they were great!

Some shots during the lecture by hsheong...

I didnt get to call my parents today and dont hav a good time chatting with my dear dear just now. Im lagging in studies. More than 100pgs to cover. Lab reports. Pp3 revision. I will try to call my bro tomorrow morning, n hopefully my webcam is rdy to be used by that time. Looking forward to a better time with my dear dear on skype tomorrow! ;)


huiyin said...

ooh im such a failure u guys cook better stuffs than i do!!haha but i dun think the cooking skills came from u though..=p

ti3nD said...

aisay... 4 of us are on the same boat one!!! v cook together n v share our noob cooking skills :P

yeah...our one looks muchhhhh better than u guys...jia you ohhh lou poh zai!