Sunday, October 08, 2006

first day of holidays...

6th Oct, Fri

Had redbox cheung K session with wmeng, hsheong, thian, flora n vincent... the last time i went cheung K was during merdeka day lerh.. nice session, at least i got to sing nicely, shout n scream like nobody's business.. heheh.. vincent, jay's fav.. thian, noe each n evy song, nt oly FIR+Jay.. flora, keeping her voice low at all time.. hsheong, wmeng + me, random on mayday+ sam lee+ JJ... had lunch ther, dey even served mooncake lerh! rm8.50 for lunch + singK, not a bad deal huh? :) bt v didnt had enuf singing that day, oly sang from 12-3pm..sadnya!

later, de rest went coffee bean while i went back imu for pingpong practice n selection.. played with desmond n uncles from vista.. played with my team mates for mapcu.. practice last from 4.30 till 8 sumting.. n manged to got myself a place in mapcu team today...afta all, a tired day larh! @___@

TODAY is MID AUTUMN CELEBRATION!! happie mooncake's fest all! happie tanglung fest anyone? heheh... ;)

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