Sunday, October 08, 2006

im back...

5th Oct, Thurs

IM BACK for blogging afta a few days break.. had this last EOS paper on last fri, biopharm3!! it gave evyone a shock afta the test! 10times harder than wat v expect lerh... bside lacking of time to complete the questions, v were dealing with questions that are from sem5's syllabus.. wat the heck! -_-"

full of disappointment throughout this entire exam wk! pp exam - can pass gua.. dd exam - pass badly gua.. hp exam - hope can pass gua... biopharm exam - will pass badly larh!

worst exam wk i eva had so far... sleepless nites.. worrries.. all were bad.. anyhow, m soooooo glad that it was OVER!!!

AFTA EXAM, went one U wit frens.. all 16 of us.. heheh..another big gang were in midvalley.. v had lunch, movie n dinner togeta.. watched rob b hood, by jackie chan, louis koo, charlene.. was a great show for entertainment... thumbs up!! ;) hav had a surprised earlied celebration for bugger's 21st bd, which is on 10/10... he was singing along with us until he realised that the cake was actually for him.. hahahaha... hang out till ard 12 that nite.. happie 21st bd bugger!

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