Wednesday, June 21, 2006

da bd celebration continues....

16 june

8.40am, my hp’s alarm sounded… evybody were still PIG-ing! Aiksssss… got da lazy ass up n rushed to lecture at 9.15… afta class at 12, helped vyeaw to collect his anniversary present to kah yee.. happie pak toh anniversary~! ;p u owe me one favor buddy!!!!!

Later 5 of us, jian,wmeng, hsheong, kim n me headed to klang for yin mei’s 21st bd celebration at mun xiang lou.. Surprisingly, v were da FIRST to arrive, being silly enuf, v took our slow time to DECORATE card for yin mei, instead of getting into the restaurant at 7pm… afta wasting enuf time, v headed into the restaurant with uncertainty.. had very nice buffet style dinner there…

Happie 21st burday yin mei!!! ;)

~ adam & wife ~

~special request for hsheong n wm~

~not to miss da fun of fooling... ~

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