Sunday, June 18, 2006

broga camping!

10&11th june~

huuuuuu... relieved! had a 2d/1n camp at broga during the final last 2 days of my sem3 break.. was a very enjoyable one.. indeed quite successfully held arrr... since this was my first time organising a camp with frens... evything got to run according to schedule except da war game was postponed to the nex day due to lacking of time matter..

the events goes as follow...

first day(10th june)
- gather at imu at 8.30am

- reached broga at ard 10.30

- kick started off with briefing n' ice breakers

- there are a total of 22 campers including da committees.. campers are divided into 3 gps

- da rain started to pour in dring ice breakers... all like ' lok tong kaiS'!

- hv cathered lunch... yuckss according to all campers?

- hv rafting at 2pm.. weather was fine since jus after raining.. each gp is building their own raft with da materials provided.. since im da oly one that hv rafting exp b4, i didnt join but jus giving advices, taking pics ard! very cham to be a commander but was laughing to see them make mistake....

- afta an hour, with the readily built raft, each gp are suppose to compete against each otha inside da pond... gp 3(da bananas) was hving diffuculty of getting up to the raft but in da end all 3 gps were headed toward the opposite of the pond when the whisle blew!

- gp2 was leading all da way, and they turned out to be the champ, follow by gp1, and lastly followed by da 'poiseidon' raft of gp3... haha!

-later we were briefed on obstacle course..

-next headed back for ourdoor cooking... each gp is given lots of branches, brick, bean, eggs, sardin, one gp has mee hun, one has rice, one has salad... da guys set up fire while da gals busy with da kitchen work n cooking...da main cheft on da nite is qris... wei da food looks attracting n indeed they were delicious... mayb v are jus too hungry???? manage to finish evthing except for mee hun, where it was used to play sum game... hmmm...

-later at 9pm, v hav had nite jungle walk... was fooled by the guide of jus holding a candle light by the 3 gp leader to lead through out the nite.. but ended up with most of us light on our torchlight to finish da 2 hrs trail.. da ground was slippery due to raining in da morning... thou with some diffficulty. glad tat evyone get to finihs da trail!

- v got back to da campsite by bout 12.30am... some got back to rest, while jack n me set up da fire for bbq-ing later.. afta bath, hv bbq session, v hav sotong balls, chicken balls, nuggets, sausages, maggie n bread as supper.. keke ;)

- da bbq session caught us up till bout 4am in da morning... exhausted for first day! @@

2nd day! (11th jun)
- carry da responsibility to wake EVY1 up by 7.30am... on da siren for thrice, oly manege to get evy1 rdy by 8+....

- hv campers to hv a 2rds jogging ard da big field... den hv an hour session of body combat session... leaded by me.. ermm.. i dun really hv good preparation for it...but with limited talent campers on combating arts, it was more than enuf for them! kekeke ;p

- v headed for the main attraction of broga camp, da high ropes, obstacle course and flying fox!
da campers were breaked into 2 gps, one headed to obstacle course, while otha to high ropes... my gp headed to da obstacle first, hv hard but fun time getting thru all 14 obstacles, with da fulll cooperation from all 11members+one bamboo stick..

- den v hav high ropes.. this is da most challenging part... da time u get to conquer ur fear of height... standing high middle of the air at 20feet high on a string of ropes....da feeling wasnt good... was scary man... though this is my 2nd time doing high ropes, still scare lar, sumore being da last one of doing it, my campers wanna hung me on da middle of da tree!! >_<

-later, one gp went on to do flying fox, while the otha was doing stopping for flying fox... it was jus cool of flying over a 60 foots high, 50m long area on da air... woooooohooooooo~!
- at 2.30pm, hv a late lunch at da hall... another cathered meal... ;/
- den jian, qris, ah yip, hsheong, fei hing n me went kayaking... kakaka.. it was really fast compare to rafting, but berry tired lerrr..
- nex v hav da last event for the camp at 3.30pm... de so called WAR GAME! it was a total messed up of the 3 corners WAR,but it was supa FUN! each gp was given 1 tong of water, 2 big water gun, lotsa ballons, water bottles as their weapon n 2 toufu which are suppose to be kept safe throughtout the war! it was a water war game! so in da end, all got wet n soaked with smelly toufu.. haha!~ very da fun~!
- afta bath n packing up, hav a gp pic n de-briefing session, v leave the camp with 'yi yi bu she' feeling.. den went kajang for satay..was totally exhausted when i got home, Zzz immediately afta got up to my sweet bed... Zzzzzz.. hoping it to be a longer one...... wait till da nex time i organise it...... ;)

some pics taken :


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