Thursday, March 09, 2006


POR (Post-Orientation Resolutions) :

1) study, study, study n study!!!!!!!! class tests, practical test, presentation in 2wks time...

2) finish pharmacology report, eng essay - on ways to overcome stress.. (due date : nex wk!)

3) outing?? less outings... need more time on revision! stress!

4) dota?? stop dota?? perhaps play during wkend only.. or after exams.. hehe.. need to do revision!

5) video editing?? nah.. no more interested.. perhaps during sem3's break only continue... need to do revision!! stress larrrrr!

6) cultural nite?? will spent sum time to complete multi-tasks from phuay fhern on drama... promise to make it a succesful, yet memorable one! :P

7) tkd training?? must start back training, perhaps 3 times per wk.. must be able to perform during the coming selection!

8)IMU cup?? elect sport leaders from p106 asap.. so that juniors dont complain that they are too free n hav ntg much to do..

9) saving money??? need to do alot of saving... preparing for coming trip during semester break...

10) imu ball?? yeah coming.. in one month time.. hehe...

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