Friday, March 17, 2006

p105 FIRST dress-codec day!

p105 - 'Blacky day'

Fionna had came up with a suggestion of setting a dress code color, twice a month, for pharmacy batches.. was testing out today, the response from p105 turned out to be awesome! more than 95% from p105 wore black top today!! men in black?? ladies in black?? wow... !!!

Although it was very weird to see everyone wearing black today, but was feeling proud to be one of p105-ier.. at least v showed unity since everyone was cooperating.. showed that p105 was the distinct batch today!! proud proud ^^

p106, n bpharmers, be prepared, pharmacy will once again show outstanding dress code soon in two weeks time :P

~ lady in black?? left to right : wen jiun, bao bao, lu yi, fionna ~ ~ Men in black :P left to right clockwise: ti3n, wmeng, hsheong, vyeaw, kim, darren ~

p105 in black!!!

lets take a closer look :

~ abit blurr ler... ~

~ an even closer look :P ~ ~ few guys standing at the back trying to act cool xD ~

~ very nice! a big happie family!~

~ another happie family ~

~ special guest appearance.. prof yeoh ....keke.. ~

~ sweet smileSss ~

~ TOW!! that was one of the prop for drama lar... ~

~hmmm.. did i miss out any1?? ~

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