Sunday, March 05, 2006

tkd grading

4 march

There was a grading for tkd last nite.. i attended jus to help out only... i was SUPPOSED to involve in the grading as well, where i will be taking my 3rd dan examination ther, but it was delayed n made me to join another centralise grading in may (AGAIN??? i was being delayed since may, last year!!!!!!) i was only being told about this cancelation very lately, on fri's nite, ouch!!! disappointed betul!!!! sad-nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :( I am really hoping that i wont miss the upcoming one in may... pray hard that it will be held after 13th may!!!!!!!!!!
15 students took their grading last nite.. after this grading, there will be an increase of 6 black belt in DMAG (3poom, 3 balck), assuming that all of them pass their grading lur :P as usual, everyone tends to get excited only when the pre-blackbelt started to break planks during the grading...

i hav missed the last selection for sukma, was informed that there will be yet another selection coming in putrajaya soon, oen competition in end of march, one in johor in mid april... wish that i could make it for the upcoming selection, n' will be trying my luckS there... hehe :P

~ hav u wonder wat is written on a black belt??? ~ ~ my thumb is approximately 1 inch in width??
~ last minute practice b4 the grading... ~

~ waiting to be graded.. "when is our turn????"

~ while the parents are being supportive..... ~

~ wow... :O~

~ heiyahhhhh!! pik piakkkk... !! ~

~ finally, now is me with cousins... ~

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