Sunday, April 05, 2009

Interesting factS of HSA

One day, i saw this 'Buku Denda' in the DIS room. I was very curious and when i opened the book, i saw this interesting piece of note (where Mr. XXX was fined RM 10 because he didnt wear baju batik on one Thursday) :

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Get it? Did you have a good laugh???

Next, another true fact of HSA - HSA get around 1.1k to 1.8k patient each day. Here is the proof :

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Next, HSA pharmacy is very active in organising activities. There was this Pertandingan Futsal Tertutup Jabatan Farmasi HSAJB last Saturday.

The Reluctant FC represented OPD to compete, consist of Abang Fauzan, Abang Rizman, Abang Hamizan, Encik Issa, Syafeie, Zainarol and myself. Sad to say that we kena TAPAOED gao gao. (1st round 0-3 lost to hospital Kulai, 2nd round 0-2 lost to HSI, 3rd round 0-3 lost to Store HSA).

I felt much relieved the next day when i heard that Kulai was the champion and Store HSA was the 1st runner up for the Futsal competition.

Some other 'program akan datang tahun 2009' are listed below :
1) Mei : Pertandingan Badminton
2) Jun : Lawatan ke Pantai Timur
3) Julai : Pertandingan Bowling


xh said...

ur lawatan ke pantai timur & pertandingan bowling is ur own punya ke or HSA? nv heard HSA got organise pun? or havnt release news ar?.. haha

ti3nD said...

HSA. seemed like u are interested woh? kak mariana shud have all the latest details bah.

cYbeR FiSh™ said...

HAHAHAHA!funny sial..

ti3nD said...

lol. if he dont go calculate, i also didnt know that i am getting RM 12.92/jam excluding allowances? Anyone double check it liaw?

ahmein0520 said...

Hay from the 1st day come in HSA they say liao de.. if din wear batik wil kena fine rm10, enforcement oso did tht, i heard hosp kluang oso like tht..

ti3nD said...

ah mein : they say only worh, if you are really observant, you will catch at least ermmm 4-5 guys who never wear batik on every thursday lerh. and from my observation, that buku denda already dibatalkan.

we do another test, u all gals try not to wear baju kurung/kebaya and see how lorh.