Sunday, March 01, 2009

Prps Orientation at Kulai Hospital

Yesterday, all provisional registered pharmacists (prp) from johor state were required to attend an orientation at Kulai Hospital. It was a 2days event.

It was mainly an introduction session - we were exposed to each department that we will be going through and requirements that we have to fullfill at each department.

We were told to wear the right attire to work - For guys (long sleeve, necktie, belt, black shoes and long formal pants, NAME TAG) and for girls (LONG formal top, LONG skirt, COVERED shoes, NAME TAG). But let me show you the best attire here :

Cun or not?

Yesterday, I could not stay awake for the entire session and napped for a few times throughout the almost 9hours talk. And today, i fall sleep during the very first hour of the talk, plus i was sitting in the first row!!

The only positive thing from the orientation was that this orientation brought all the prps working in johor state to meet up! I was very happy to see many of my friends here today!! They are from batu pahat (pei ling and eyo), muar (khaiyong, phekjoo, angeline, chew yee, suilin and huiming) and HSI (huihoon, adam, kha hong). There are a total of 25 IMU-ians working as prp in johor state now!!!!

HSA might flood one day like what happened in hospital kuching too. I wonder whether we are allowed to dress like them or not?

Mr yeoh from Hospital Kuching

Source taken from Miss Chong from Hospital Kuching

I will be working from 7.15am to 6pm in opd for the entire week starting tommorow. HELP ME.