Sunday, March 08, 2009

Bye to OPD

Summary :
1) Last friday was my last day in Outpatient department (for 4/8 weeks). It was my first station and i will only be going back to OPD in August.

2) On my last day in OPD, Y suddenly asked me 'DO YOU HATE ME? HOW CAN YOU NOT HATE ME, SINCE I SCOLDED U BEFORE? (i mentioned about hating X and Y here). To Y, i think you should ask yourself why people like me hate you initially? I would definitely prefer an extra friend than an extra enemy.

3) ON my last day in OPD, i made a terrible mistake - i dispensed WRONG MEDICATION to patient A. I dispensed 2x2mg of warfarin to patient A instead of 1x3mg warfarin, for a duration of 1month. Uncle K managed to get SOME of the patient's details for me - Phone number, full ic and address. Besides uncle, many people helped me too. WE HAVE TO SETTLE THIS SECRETLY (under table). All the basic things failed - 1) call the patient (I failed to call the patients after zillion times calling. Unreachable, wrong number) 2) Get more details (patient was here for INR check up only, no further details can be traced) 3) Go to the patient's house (patient's address is in Negeri Sembilan!) Uncle K suggested me to send a mail to negeri sembilan for this patient. The patient's mum received my mail yesterday morning and she called me back. Everthing was settled by then. Thank you Uncle K, R, Z and everyone who listened to me. I will definitely learn my mistake.

4) So im now in TDM - Tien, How do you fine TDM? I will answer 'wow, Not bad.' Kak Maz gave us alot of pressure there. She scolded me for many times but i still like her, respect her alot.

5) Forensic exam is coming. EXAM IS COMING. I have applied for off day for next friday for this exam. EXAM is coming. T.T

5) Im feeling very cham right now. I worked from 8am to 10.20pm today (Friday). I will be working 8-5pm tomorrow (Saturday) and Sunday. Today was the first day i worked in A and E (5-10pm). Many problems came and i hope i have solved them. IF ONLY I DONT HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW...

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