Monday, January 05, 2009

Im still jobless

Yes, i am still jobless right now. I am still waiting for my posting letter to come.

A few days ago, a letter from lembaga farmasi arrived.

I was very excited and very gan jiong at the same time. I told my sis that it might be the posting letter.

It has the kementerian kesihatan logo on the letter.

Together with my sis, we scanned the letter quickly and then she shouted :'oh you got JOHOR!'.

The letter looks like this.

And take a closer look now :

It was actually a cert from the lembaga farmasi, and with the name of the setiausaha of Lembaga Farmasi - Zawiyah Binti Mat JOHOR.


Nope. No news yet. Most probably i will start working on 16 Jan and get my posting letter by the end of this week, Gua.


Anonymous said...

hey min tien, i think you can ask osman d.. cause i got mine today also... got perak...


ti3nD said...

hey desmond. Thanks for news. good luck to you man!

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