Thursday, January 01, 2009

Ciao 2008, Wassup 2009!

Happy New Year People!

I spent my last day of year 2008 with my 2 sis and bro in the Curve.

We had express dinner at Thai Express.

Each of us ordered an individual express meal.

Olive fried rice with chicken and fresh black olives priced at RM 13.90

Chef's special tomyam fried rice priced at RM 13.90 - SUPER spicy!

Claypot black pepper soft shell crab with glass noodles priced at RM 23.90

Southern-style dry beef curry with rice priced at RM 16.90

We also shared a snack platter priced at RM 22.90.

It consists of thai chicken wings, fish cakes, toufu, acar and spring rolls - BAD choice, do not try! >_<

Chiang Mai mango blend priced at RM 8.90

Hot lemon tea priced at RM 4.90 - SUPER sour, added hot water twice but still sour.

The dinner was a treat from my da jie, so arigato dajie.

After dinner, we took some pictures with this christmas background.

There was an enclosed area selling soft toys at 10% discount.

Shophaholics busy choosing their own favourites???

Nope. Just taking picture nia.

Another one.

And yet another one.

At about 10.30pm, people started to move out of the curve and gathered around the stage. One was outside tesco, and another one was between the curve and cineleisure.

Some 100m away from the big stage outside tesco.

We decided not to join in the huge crowd for countdown. We got ourselves somewhere outside cineleisure to watch the 10 mins long fireworks.

Take a wild guess what is inside the plastic bag infront of Zhuon (left).

Our spot was so strategic that we could see both fireworks display from One U and also the Curve. However, the firework display was 'mah mah dei' only, nothing amazing. After countdown, we stuck in the jam for almost 1 hour before we got home.

I bought myself a long sleeve at Concept Store, priced RM 32.90 after 70% off.

And for Zhuon, he brought home this long creature with him.

Zhuon said this new 'creature' can be used to freak out my mum to help her raise her bp, as she has too low blood pressure. :P

Have a great year ahead everyone!!! :)

Best wishes from

Ciao 2008, Wassup 2009 -

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