Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wedding of Nicholas Lee and Eve Ding

The bridegroom

The bride

Tasks to complete :

1) Drinking and Eating 4 tastes (sweet, sour, spicy and bitter)

2) Eating bananas while doing physical exercise

3) Signing Marriage Agreement

The situation was very tensed, some ang paus were torn.

Finally, negotiation on Ang Paus was done. After completing the required tasks by the jimuis, the bridegroom finally entered the bride's room.


Once again, congratulations to Nicholas Lee and Eve Ding, you will have our Best Wishes and Deepest Blessings!


yieng said...

huah..your sister very pretty..really.
congrats by the way..

ti3nD said...

tqtq wedding day lagi pretty mah. haha. :)