Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Last minute baru do homework!

I went to putrajaya with adam today just to make sure that we can find the place tomorrow. Im kinda worried for the interview but i did not do much preparation for it. Read several post regarding the interviews and ask tips from friends - spa interview, so called interview and msn tips from lauweeyeaw and edmond. Thank you all.

Who is the menteri of Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia?

YB Dato Liew Tiong Lai

Timbalan Menteri? Ketua setiausaha? Ketua Pengarah Kesihatan?

YB Datuk Dr Hj Abdul Latif b ahmad, Mohd Nasir, Mohd Ismail

What are the various departments in pharmacy?

Clinical, Research, Penguatkuasaan, Pengawalan etc.

Hope the interviewers are kind enough to allow me to speak in english tomorrow.

If not, 临时抱佛脚 also "bor huat"!

My 3 choices are :
1) Selangor
2) Biro Pengawalan Farmaceutical Kebangsaan
3) Johor

Wish me luck!


kappax2 said...

Good luck! :)

lin said...

eh come muar la! v all r having a GREAT time here! food's cheap. get to wake up late every morning. plus... v get to go back kl every weekend. kekeke! anyway... gud luck! go crap only! don b like me ok....

ti3nD said...

kappa : thks!

lin : thks! if i get johor, i will work in bpee lorh. hehe. seremban 1n half hour? muar = 2hrs plus? i noe muar got banyak banyak orang very happening! i can go muar with pl to meet u all geh :P

Anonymous said...

Mr far as i know our menteri kesihatan's sir name is LIOW,not LIEW.hehe..wish u have a good posting =)

ti3nD said...

aikksss! yakah. okok. i shud rmb it. haha. :)