Saturday, November 08, 2008

Isle of Arran 3 days 2 night GG-ied Part 2

Animals spotted in Isle of Arran

You might be interested to read up this article review before taking a trip to Isle of Arran. It has very complete informations on where to see animals and other tips touring the island.

Initially, lou poh and i were just hoping to see some highland cattles in Isle of Arran. Our dream have came true - All different colours cattles (i.e. black, dark brown or light brown) were spotted at Balmichael Farm and village farm near Whiting Bay.

All over Arran you are likely to see seals, YES SEALS, red squirrels, red deer, eider ducks, kittiwakes, loads of sheep and some humans. If you want to see some seals, be sure to make full research before going. (time and places, eg. outside Brodick castle around 4pm)

There were lots of sheeps spotted beside Lochranza Distillery. They were trained to cross the road ONE-BY-ONE also. I was very surprised to see that.

And of course, RED DEERs. Dont miss them, according to local villagers, usually there will alot of them wondering at the village of Lochranza during the dawn or the dusk.

We were supposed to see many red squirels in the trails near Brodick Castle. We did see some but we were not fast enough to take a picture of them. So in the end, i googled one.

We were also hoping to spot some dolphins from the ferry but obviously we didnt spot any.

Last but not least, you will easily spot some ducks, swans, or kittiwakes swimming in the sea all around Isle of Arran.

In conclusion, if you like natural and wildlife, Isle of Arran is definitely worth a visit!

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