Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Baking recipe : Rock buns with raisins

Lately, Ms. Cho's baking is partially initiated by yieng's muffin baking. Of course, not to forget that she loves to bake and let his beloved to try them before anyone else does. Not only that, her baking initiation is very sudden and yet it is fruitful - she was sitting there and browsing her pp3 notes like everyone else does, then out of a sudden, she walked into the kitchen and start baking just like that, after 2 hours - her products will be ready to be served.

One evening, she baked rock buns.

Ingredients :

1) 80g margarine
2) 80g sugar
3) Pinch of salt
4) 80g raisins
5) 1 egg
6) 1 tsp milk
7) Vanilla (optional)
8) 200g plain flour
9) 1 tsp baking powder

Procedures :

1) Mix well the flour and margarine.
2) Add in sugar and raisins
3) Whisk eggs and add into mixture. Stir and add in milk
4) Shape into balls using fork and spoon.
5) Grease baking trays and bake at 160degree celcius for 15 mins.

They should look something like this when they are ready to be served :

As the name stated - Rock buns are rather hard in texture, you can easily taste butter and raisins in them.

And for dessert lovers, try this - A few scoops of ice-cream plus some strawberries, they go really well together with rock buns cookies!

p/s : The entire recipe belongs to cho's family!

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