Sunday, June 15, 2008

how to fully utilise your living room

Guys, what do you like most to do in the living room?

Eating? Sleeping? Tv-ing? Chatting?

As for us, we do DOTA-ing during the night.

As usual, my friends are all very anti-picturing wan, coz they know i will post the best/worst pics up to my blog one day. haha.

Okay jokes aside. Lets be serious. The big dining table is just right to seat 8 people for dinner. But for dota, how can we fit 10 ppl all in one common living room?


What 7 people nia mah? Nani?

2 more here mah!

And i was taking pic at that time. So just nice to seat 10 people you know.

Okay, so that was our last dota session for 10people just 30 mins before actual degree results were released on the 4th of june.

Juniors, do invite us for a friendly session during the next weekend okay? wahahah :P


ahmein0520 said...

wah see from the picture you all surely have lots of fun time ya..

ti3nD said...

haha. those are the old times. duno when we can gather and play dota again. haha.