Friday, June 13, 2008

Back to jbc again

Back to 4th June, when the results were released at about 4.30pm, we congratulated each other for passing the mpharm course. It was a big relief that i passed my cpp. phew pheWww. I was really glad to check my results before i fly.

Congratulations to everyone and myself :)

Say GG to mpharm course of pharmacy, my 3 and half year of hardwork! WOoooOoohooOooooOOoooo!!!

After that, jian+pj+wm and i tapaoed china express for dinner. That was the first time i tried their food. 3.90 pounds for 4 spare ribs with fried rice was a good deal. One thing to bear in mind, that auntie in china express damn lan si lorh - when we spoke to her in chinese, she replied in english (all of us are clear that she can write chinese words). Then, the 10 of us picked up a train to prestwick airport to start our holiday journey to spain + portugal.

The first stop was at germany. We stopped by one night to have a flight transit to madrid the next day. Madrid is a dead city. Nothing much special over there. One big thing that we regretted so much was that we didnt buy the 'yellow cow tickets' outside the bull ring stadium to catch a bull fight show. We then went to barcelona -a must go place in spain and finally have some relaxing days in porto (the city of portugal.

Okay trip aside, will blog about it part by part later on.

I was back to jbc 2 nights ago after 8 days of holiday in spain + porto. The actual results for each paper were released the day before i came back from porto. I was really glad to know my own marks. The past final study break + final exam weeks were one big nightmare that i will not forget for my entire life.

But what is more worth memorable is that i met my lou poh again. After 371 days of not seeing each other, we finally get to see, touch, smell and hug each other once again. And this will gona keep going for several more months, at least.

Tadeang itu dia :

To my dearest lou poh,

With you,

life is full of excitements,

life is filled with dreams,

life is full of surprises,

life is filled with fun,

life is full of tastes,

life is filled with happiness,

Thank you and i will always love you!


ahmein0520 said...

congrate congrate, finally your dearest lao po is here le..

ti3nD said...

haha good good :) you going back soon also woot. good also larh.