Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Final preparation before spain+portugal trip

Looking at the 2 ready-packed full big luggages and a few boxes of stuffs, i have mixed feelings.

1) i only brought 2 luggages and one bagpack over to glasgow. One luggage with food, another one with clothes and accesories. How come now minus the luggage with food, but it still go back to 2 full luggages geh? @_@

2) I feel rather sad but glad at the same time. The room that i study, play games, sleep, skyping and do personal stuffs. Now i am gona say bye bye to my room. On the other hand, the end of my studies mark the start of the journey with my loved one. I feel very excited because this special someone is coming soon. :P

3) And this is my new place to sleep. :P For the past 3 nights, i have managed to curi curi got back to my own room and online + sleep during the late night. Wake up early in the morning and move back out to my new sleeping place for another 1 or 2 hours nap then.

4) Next, last sunday we had potluck again. We had ham choy soup, grilled chicken wings, tomyam spaghetti, Ginger chicken, Brococoli, eggs with tuna and red beans+black beans soup. :)

5) They all just burst their laughter at the perfect time for me to snap this picture. But what is it so funny again? I cant remember.

6) The next day, the 7 of us decided to eat dinner together. So, we had potluck again with most of the food from the fridge.

The blue bucket that vyeaw and i holding represents edmond since he is missing in action. Nolarh, he is on the way back from portugal that time.

7) After the dinner, we packed our kitchen stuffs into boxes. Clear most of the useless things into bin bags. After hours of packing, finally we announced gg at almost 11pm.

8) Then, an unexpected climax occured. Our blur king hs has left the shower water running for at least 10 mins, to collect water in a bucket. Water began to overflood the shower room and then it wet the floor of the hallway, then into jian's room and vyeaw's room, and eventually caused water dripping down into the ron's rooms downstairs.

Ron made a complaint to village office and the representative staff arrived a few mins later. This is not good. H3 unit should be left emptied as none of us extend our contract there.

We were told that we will have to take responsibility of the damage done and to bear the cost to dry/change the wet carpet.

We tried our very best to absorb as much water as possible from the wet carpet. Many copies of yellow pages were taken (sorry juniors if you dont get one next time) to save the condition. We know clearly that there is noway we can dry the carpet in just one night but we still tried our best.

We have spent at least one hour to deal with wet carpet. Finally we admitted defeat to the wet carpet. Hs is very guilty and promised to take full responsibility of it.

9) Today was another busy day - we met up with Ronan Brown, the storage guy incharge to keep our stuffs when we are off to trips. There was a slight delay of time but at least one burden is down - we have managed to move all our stuffs into storage express in time.

Not alot. Just 16 luggages and 22 boxes nia.

We paid 20 pounds today for the collection of stuffs nia. The other 50 pounds or less balance will be collected upon delivery of stuffs 2 weeks later. Not a bad deal huh?

Btw, mpharm results might be released tomorrow after viva examination. It is gona be a very very very very very important day of our life. Good luck everyone! :)


yieng said...

haha..hs sure feel super bad..and gosh, you guys have so much to bring back!!! oh yea, why got another blog wan?

pogzwogz said...

lol damn funny wei the yellow pages...

ti3nD said...

yieng : ohhh yealarh. sumore is like save the money to do laundry for one whole year, now kena tanggung the fine. G.G.

pogz : u will neva imagine how many yellow page books that we have torn. at least 8 i tell u. lolz.