Friday, May 23, 2008

Social Spark comes to live!

Many of you out there might be going against blogging for money. But i can tell you that blogging can definitely earn you some extra earnings to pay for your electric bills, shoppings, outings, food, entertainment and so much more!

SocialSpark is just one of those paid to blog proggramme. It is still very new, launced about several months ago, but i can tell you that it has got its potentials to develop further.

After signing up with SocialSpark, you will get to choose tasks ranging from entertainment, electronics, travels, arts, automobiles, fashions, gaming, food, gadgets, books and many more. Each advertiser will require you to write an unique content of article ranging from 50 to 200 words, and you get paid for each article.

Social Spark is still very new, but you can see some big advertisers have already lauched their opportunites there. Of cause you need to be quick to catch a big opportunity. Golden rule for paid to blog proggrame - commitment on developing your blog. It has this feature where you will need to insert a code in your template, and it will help you to monitor your blog. You get features such as free stat counters, you get to know how many words each your post contains and your rank throughout the social spark community. I have created mine here.

Good luck if you are giving it a try!

This is a sponsored post by social spark.

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