Friday, May 23, 2008

Manchester United Won Champions League 2008

They are called the KING OF EUROPEANS after last night.

MAN UNITED defeated CHELSEA in Champions League 2008 in moscow last night. Sir Alex Ferguson toasts second Champs League title after Man U succesfully beat Chealsea in a real tight penalty shootout last night.

It was a really close match between the two teams. Damn gan jiong lorh.

"Cristiano Ronaldo gave United the lead with a first-half header before Frank Lampard equalised just before half-time.

Didier Drogba was sent off in the second period of extra-time for slapping Nemanja Vidic in the face after a meaningless spat.

And the drama continued in the penalty shootout when Ronaldo missed and Chelsea captain John Terry stepped up to secure the prize for his side, only to for his foot to slip and push his shot wide.

Victory was finally secured when United goalkeeper Edwin van der Sar saved Nicolas Anelka's spot-kick to give United a 6-5 victory on penalties."

source taken from soccernet

Ronaldo was very upset when his penalty was saved by czeth. John terry was even more upset when he missed his. For John terry's case, he blamed himself for the one mistake to have caused Chelsea to lose the Champions League title, he just cant take it. I feel that we cant just put the blame on the one missed.

Being a noob in football, i joined my friends to support Man United throughout the 2hours plus match. And i recorded their reactions during the exciting penalty shootout. Enjoy -

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to Man U for being the champion in the entire EUROPE.


khaiyong said...

well edited
damn free la now :P

ti3nD said...

yeap! free is alwiz better than to study :P

xh said...

haha everyone so happy after the final kick.. haha.. i could even hear u guys fr my room.. :)

ti3nD said...

eh this final is very big one erh. those mu fans really damn gan jiong during that penalty shootout. they said if it is on one day before add, they really can focus dy lur. lolz. paiseh to make noise :P