Thursday, May 01, 2008

pp3 feedback session, again

So yesterday we had this 2 hours feedback session to look at why we failed our pp3 resit paper back in january, once again. The supports and prayers from friends and loved ones just werent enough.

23 out of 28 imu students failed, once again. APALARH @_@

I wasnt quite confident when i finished my paper. But i was surprised to look at the results yesterday. i got 10% and so i failed.

Erm pp3 is like this, we have 5 papers, each paper = 100marks, so total 500 marks, to pass, you need to get more than 450 marks out of 500 marks. Each mistake minus minimum of 5 up to maximum of 60 marks. My 10% = 410/500 marks.

One unbelieveable mistake made me failed this time.

"Illegal supply - i supplied 5 tablets of buprenorphine instead of the 3 tablets labelled"

How did i do that? Nani? Because of this 5 tablets, i was penalized for 60 marks and i failed my test. At that time, my feeling was like 'die also cannot close my eyes'.

I shall take this lesson really seriously, must open the box and show the prescriber the amount of tablets to be dispensed during dispensing in the coming resit.

Oh ya, something interesting :

1) Fact - Ian miller is great. He is 10times better than julien johnson in giving feedback session.
2) Myth - Derna has very high attraction only for the opposite sex. And she dont wear 'bara' wan. lolz.

Gambateh bah people!!


cYbeR FiSh™ said...

dei..what myth!?truth it is!

ti3nD said...

ermmmm... stil yet have to see with my own eyes to prove it mah.

now if resit got her, shal i go to her? since i have the advantage of being a guy. lolz.

xh said...

haha i think she do wear.. some of us got conclusion tht she wears sports bra.. so bit nipis gua..

nah! resit go to some nicer lecturer la! dun play play! haha all the best anyway..

ti3nD said...

haha. but many of them claimed that they saw the 2 'sharp points' worh.

big lolz.

anyway, thks xh :)

di said...

wah what is this about derna's boobs..hahahah..who spotted it???

resit better don't go to her la..i kena from her b4..go to the nicer lecturer..

all the best n good luck!!!

Lim Wei Meng said...

sweat...see people bola pula -.-''

ti3nD said...

di and wmeng : ermm haha.. those close ones to her spotted one larh! lolz. i have yet to certify the 'truth' claimed by ejie.

sei liao, later one derna, one ian towle, aiiihzzz anyway, thks di!